Brasilena Coffee Beans

100% Arabica from Brazil, light body | fruity-floral aroma
CHF 10.90

This organic coffee from Brazil is grown and harvested only by women. Women who have fought to find their niche in the male-dominated coffee business. With "Café femenino" you support a project that offers women coffee farmers direct remuneration, intact leadership opportunities as well as property rights. Brasileña is a balanced 100% Arabica coffee with sweet notes of chocolate, caramel and ripe fruit. 

Tropical Mountains Brasileña: Single Origin Coffee 

For Brasileña coffee, we use only green coffee from Brazil. In this way, we support the coffee farmers from our network or our community by purchasing their gourmet organic coffee for the Brasiliña Café Feminino directly and without intermediaries. 

The history of Tropical Mountains 

The development of Tropical Mountains began in 2012 as a small farm 12 hours' drive from Lima, Peru. Peruvian Gisella Iriarte and Swiss Thomas Schwegler dream of organic and fair trade coffee - traceable from the bean in the tropical highlands to the fragrant cup at home. 

Meanwhile, gourmet coffees from around the world have been added to our range, complementing the coffees from our family farm. They expand our ability to offer fair trade and certified organic coffees.