GUTSCH Swiss Organic Oat Drink

Foams like cow's milk, tastes neutral, goes well with all coffees
CHF 3.90

Gutsch is an oat drink made from Swiss organic oats. It was developed to meet the needs of coffee drinkers who are looking for an alternative to cow's milk. Since oats grow well in Switzerland and the water comes from the canton of Zurich, everything speaks for a Swiss organic oat drink.

Gutsch foams like cow's milk, tastes neutral and goes well with all coffee preparations.

The best ingredients for Gutsch Organic Oat Drink

The best water from Schlieren ZH, 10 % organic oats, 3.3 % organic sunflower oil from Switzerland, 0.5 % salt and 1.2 % red algae - that's all.


Gutsch: Organised as a cooperative

With the Gutsch organic oat drink, we support a cooperative project from our network or community. Because the stronger the demand for organic oats grows, the more incentives are created for production. And this benefits people and nature.