FOCUS Espresso - Professional Office Pads

50 Pads per Pack
Intensity 10/12 - Strength 5/6 - Acidity 2/6
Compostable. Alu & plastic free. Organic & Fair Trade.
Nespresso® compatible
CHF 26.90

The word «focus» was used as far back as Ancient Rome. In Latin it means «fireplace». A fitting name for such a fiery and intensive espresso, in particular as the world's first ever coffee was apparently brewed in sub-tropical «Kaffa» in Ethiopia – over an open fire. Nowadays, focus tends to mean concentration. And we are convinced that after enjoying this perfectly balanced Arabic Robusta blend with its wonderful crema, you'll be ready to give your projects your full attention. We also chose the name «Focus» because you will never have to think twice about the ethical side when you buy products from Tropical Mountains – we only sell organically grown, fair trade coffee in compostable pads. This is something we’re fired up about. 

The Focus Espresso spoils you with aromas of honey, nuts, spices and chocolate. Tropical-fruity notes complement the flavour profile. The long-lasting finish and full body will delight you.

  • Organic Arabica from Peru and Ethiopia | Organic Robusta from India
  • full-bodied | aromas of chocolate, tropical fruits and honey notes

Compostable. Alu & plastic free. Organic & Fair Trade. Nespresso® compatible.