compostable - no alu/plastic - Bio & Fair Trade - Nespresso®-compatible.
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Sidamo Lungo is an exquisite, 100% pure Arabica coffee with silky body. Enjoy its intense aroma and fruity nuances of apricots, jasmine and black tea. Rich like an espresso – but milder and longer.

The Cradle of Coffee
It all began in Ethiopia, which is the original home of Arabica coffee. Legend has it that around 850 A.D., Ethiopian monks were amazed to see their goats jumping around so energetically. They had been eating the as-yet undiscovered coffee cherries. Curious, the men tried the dark red fruits themselves. Disappointed by their bitter taste however, they threw them into the fire. But then: a delicious scent suddenly filled the air. The monks extinguished the fire and used the roasted beans to brew a stimulating drink. The first cup of coffee.

Centuries have passed since then. But the high plains of Sidama, in southern Ethiopia, are still famous for their unique Arabica coffee, which we roast gently for you. You can now enjoy it from our convenient, Nespresso-compatible capsules.

Enjoy with a clear conscience
Organic cultivation is a natural part of the way we do business. All of our products are 100% vegan (8). And our capsules, along with their packaging, are fully compostable. We believe in taking care of tomorrow’s world today.

We think and act sustainably and fairly
The rich soil and unique climate  in the Sidama cultivation area are what make this exquisite gourmet coffee so special. But fair trade is just as important to us. The Sidama Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union guarantees an income from which the farmers can live, and helps to finance community projects – such as roads or schools for the children of the producers.

100% Ethiopian Arabica
100% Organic

Jasmine Notes
Hints of Bergamt,
Apricot & Black Tea
Delicate soft Acidity
Silky Body


Direct Trade        
We use no middleman’s hands. The coffee you’re about to enjoy is made from the beans harvested right here on our farm.

Everything we do is organic because we believe that nature knows best. This is not only good for the environment, but also brings you a better tasting cup of coffee.

Fair Trade         
We are proud members of the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO). By purchasing Tropical Mountains, you are supporting the lives and families of the farmers working with us.  

Less waste means less harm for the planet. Our capsules are plastic-free, made in a material that decomposes in your own garden.

Our products contain no harmful aluminum.