COLOMBIA Green Coffee (Bio)

100% Arabica, Colombia, Producers of Apia, Bio Fair Trade
CHF 69.00
  • Association: Cultivators of Apia, Risaralda
  • Altitude: 1500 - 1900 masl
  • Varieties: Castia rosarios, Caturra
  • Processing: washed, sun dried

     About the Cultivadores de Apia:

  • The Association is dedicated to the production and export of certified specialty coffees. The association is based on continuous training of their associates and ensuring independent and sustainable growth, economically viable, ecologically healthy and socially fair for their members.
  • Apia is located in the middle of three natural parks (Tatama, Agualinda and Cuchilla de San Juan) with borders to the department of Choco. The region has the biggest diversity of birds in Colombia and is part of Colombia's "Cultural Coffee Region".