GEISHA coffee rarity Bio / Fair Trade

This exclusive high-altitude variety and LIMITED EDITION excels due to its outstanding taste profile of floral and fruity notes.
CHF 27.40

The most valuable coffee in the world. Availability is very limited. We suggest to prepare as filter coffee. Pour water slowly into the filter and expect a wonderful flavor experience.

100% Peruvian Arabica
100% Single Farm Coffee

100% Organic

Floral aroma 
Hints of Jasime
Fruity notes
Delightful mouthfeel
Outstanding taste profile


Direct Trade        
We use no middleman’s hands. The coffee you’re about to enjoy is made from the beans harvested right here on our farm.

Everything we do is organic because we believe that nature knows best. This is not only good for the environment, but also brings you a better tasting cup of coffee.

Fair Trade         
We are proud members of the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO). By purchasing Tropical Mountains, you are supporting the lives and families of the farmers working with us.  

Less alu means less harm to the planet. Our coffee bags are free of aluminium. They are recyclable.